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Digital Jungle is a leading multicultural marketing agency.

In this era of Globalisation, we are seeing more and more Western brands look to China and develop products and services aimed specifically at a Chinese consumer. Without specialist help, many of these brands will fail or be unable to combat local Chinese competitors. 

Digital Jungle specializes in developing communications campaigns to achieve breakthrough success for leading Western brands. Our unique approach combines insights, strategy, creativity, and diversity to create campaigns that align with culture-based ideas or movements on the rise among Chinese consumers, either living in China or overseas.

Founded in 2011, Digital Jungle is a full-service agency with four offices; China (Beijing & Shanghai), Australia and New Zealand. Digital Jungle offers expertise in the areas of strategic planning, market research, digital content programs, marketing communications, creative development, production, experiential marketing, search marketing and social media.

Our digital programs are designed to uniquely reach and engage highly targeted Chinese audiences; from Chinese students looking to study in a Western UniversityChinese tourists looking to book a hotel abroad or Chinese consumers wanting to purchase brands online. 

Digital Jungle - bridging the gap between Western brands and Chinese consumers.

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