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Digital Jungle - Experts in Chinese Digital Marketing

Digital Jungle is specialist digital marketing Agency that works with Western Companies in creating content focused, digital programs targeting Chinese. With staff in China, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and with Partners around the World, Digital Jungle can support and service clients in creating powerful online presence for brands wanting to target Chinese living abroad or living in China.

Our digital programs leverage deep consumer insights, strategic thinking, quality content and innovative multi-channel programs to deliver value and measurable results for our clients.In this evolving digital landscape, we are seeing more and more of the world’s leading brands turn to a content strategy in telling their brand story and developing an online brand value.

Our content is designed to uniquely reach and engage highly targeted Chinese audiences; from Chinese students looking to study in a Western University, Chinese tourists looking to book a hotel abroad or Chinese consumers wanting to purchase brands online. 

Digital Jungle - Digital Experts in Marketing to Chinese

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