NEW DATA: China now has 591 million internet users and 460 million mobile web users.

Thursday, 18 July 2013 08:54

In new data being reported by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China now has 591 million internet users and 460 million mobile web users.

The reports which are published each 6 months show a healthy and growing Chinese digital environment.The follow charts are taken from the Chinese report and highlight areas of comparison between this year and last as well and rural vs urban.






Those new numbers for June 2013 show substantial growth from 420 million netizens in mid-2010:


The mobile web number of 460 million has doubled since December 2009 which showcases the investments in mobile infrastructure by the Chinese Government. Of course, a lot more people in China than that have phones. Reportedly, over 1.1 billion phone subscriptions. Additionally, China has over 300 million 3G users, which will continue to drive the smartphone usage and shift  web browsing usage to this device:


In terms of accessing the internet,  70% of China’s  users doing so via their phones. 35.4% - Desktop/PC and 12.7% - Laptop

The proportional split in web users between urban (pictured in blue) and rural (in red) isn’t changing much and is still skewed strongly towards urban areas:

From the report, we notice that China’s gender imbalance is very bias when it comes to the gender of the digital population; with only 44.4 percent female online:



The usage of the Internet is following similar trends to the West where the growth numbers are coming from the older demographic or people moving in from childhood:


 The salary data must take into consideration the rapid increases seen in the urban populations as well as a rising standard of living in the rural areas: ($US 1 = 6.2 RMB)

For additional information and data on China's Internet landscape, you can visit the CNNIC’s 32nd National Internet report. (Chinese Language)


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